Dangers of club drugs

Club drugs are often synonymous with partying and nightlife. Many people see no harm in enhancing their experience with a drug like Ecstasy. However, they often don’t realize the dangers that lurk in the shadows for those who use too much or too often. Just like many other drugs, it’s possible to become addicted. If you or someone you know is using a club drug, you need to understand both the risks and the appeal of these drugs.

What People Use

The drugs which are most popular in clubs and bars provide a lengthy high for the user. Some you will find include GHB, Ecstasy, LSD or acid, methamphetamines, ketamine and Rohypnol. Cocaine is another popular choice, especially with the uptown crowd.

The people using club drugs are often high school and college students. However, kids as young as 12 have been known to use while those who are in their mid-20s may also be using.

Why People Use

The reason people get started with these drugs is because of the way it makes them feel and how long that feeling lasts. For instance, the “up” side of Ecstasy can last as long as six hours, making it the most popular choice for clubbers.

Many of these drugs create happy feelings in the users. For example, when someone uses Ecstasy, they may feel euphoric and a sense of closeness to others, even someone they don’t really know. They enjoy dancing more and have more energy. This effect appeals to overworked college students who still want to hang out with their friends.

GHB creates a feeling of being relaxed while methamphetamine gives a person more energy and prevents the person from sleeping. Some of these drugs are more addictive than others, but all lead to an increased risk of addiction because of the possibility of using multiple drugs.

Each of these drugs carries a risk of overdose and severe medical conditions, including death. Anyone who is using or addicted to a club drug should seek out treatment.

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