6 Signs Drug and Alcohol Addiction are Ruining Your Career

Drug and alcohol addiction have the potential to ruin every aspect of your life, but you may not have considered how they can impact your career. After all, you don’t typically drink or do drugs on the job. Unfortunately, excessive consumption of drugs or alcohol can have some serious consequences when you head into work […]

The Reality of Foster Children and Their Drug-Addicted Parents

Children enter foster care for many reasons, but one of the most prevalent issues is drug abuse by one or both parents. In fact, it has become an epidemic which involves extended family as well. Drug addiction is leading to younger children being taken into care, some as young as newborns. The Increase in Drug […]

Dangers of club drugs

Club drugs are often synonymous with partying and nightlife. Many people see no harm in enhancing their experience with a drug like Ecstasy. However, they often don’t realize the dangers that lurk in the shadows for those who use too much or too often. Just like many other drugs, it’s possible to become addicted. If […]

Сauses of Addiction because of Mental Health Disorders

Studies show that as many as 40 percent or more people with substance addiction problems also suffer from a mental health condition. It may be depression, social anxiety, bipolar disorder or a number of other diagnoses. Treating someone with both of these conditions is a lot more complicated than treating one condition alone. It’s important […]

How Equine Therapy is Used to Treat Addiction

Addiction facilities offer many different programs. Some of them are quite unique, and they provide a different aspect to treatment for the addict. One such program that has received positive results is equine therapy. Equine therapy is a treatment program where the addict interacts with horses. In some programs, the patient is responsible for the […]

Correlation of Substance abuse and Marijuana Legalization Proves Mediocre-Study Finds

Commonly known as the gateway drug, the legalization of recreational marijuana has been given a lot of unfair press as a new study suggests. Conducted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Harvard University, and Western Carolina University, the study suggests that the legalization of the drug has had little impact on the use of marijuana […]

Millennials Opt Out of Opioids In Favor of Lifestyle Changes

There is hope for the future of opioid drug abuse as the millennial generation nears the age where chronic pain is becoming more prevalent. In a recent research study conducted by the American Society of Anesthesiologists, millennials would rather perform lifestyle changes over the use of drugs to combat the pain. However, although this is […]

The Stigma of Addiction

As we enter September, National Recovery Month, we celebrate those who have overcome alcohol and drug abuse. Celebrating those who have lived to tell their tale and aid others in their victories over substance abuse. This is the month for shining a light on mental health and substance abuse disorders and dampening out the stigma […]

Best Tips for a successful rehab from Malibu Hills Treatment Center

Beginning your journey into rehab may be one of the most difficult undertakings of your life, but also one of the most necessary. The first step to a healthier you and lifestyle is a successful drug or alcohol rehab program. To make it successful, it takes effort on your part with going into the program […]

Coping with an Addict: The Do’s and Don’ts

An addict’s life is very complex and fragile all at the same time. As a family member or friend, you want to do everything within your power to aid in their recovery. You may even go to such extents as to forcefully and passionately push to see that they seek treatment, go to therapy, and […]

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