Is Heroin The New Death Sentence

America has always fought a fierce war with drugs. Today, a lot of that war seems to focus on heroin. Since 2007, heroin use has increased tremendously, and almost doubled between that time and 2012 according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. In America, 78 of the 125 cases of drug overdose […]

Fentanyl: Heroin and Morphine’s Deadlier Cousin

It is usually compared to its likes, heroin and morphine, but research shows that fentanyl is much more powerful than heroin and much more potent than morphine. When taken in the slightest bit more than the body can handle, it can be disastrous. Despite being such a danger to society, fentanyl continues to circulate in […]

Sober Celebration: An Addicts Guide To Enjoying Any Holiday

Let’s face it: Staying sober through all of the holidays and celebrations during the year can sometimes be difficult. In fact, a Fourth of July barbecue, office Christmas party or other holiday festivities can cause excess stress and anxiety that may lead to a drug addiction relapse. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports between […]

John Oliver Describes the Fear of Opioid Crisis in America as ‘Opiophobia’

Opioid intake is a serious problem in the United States and around the world. And so are drugs in general. A good number of people think opioid abuse affects only the lower class; those not considered educated. Well, that is very far away from the truth. Statistics show that at least 2.6 million people die […]

Baby Boomers Are At Risk of an Addicting Anxiety Drug

It was initially introduced in the market in 1993 as an epilepsy treatment. Today, the elderly–people of age 65 and above–are said to be the group most likely to be addicted to gabapentinoids. But that is not the major problem. These days, another category of drugs, pregabalin–which actually replaced gabapentinoids–has gained recognition as a treatment […]

Why Americans Struggle to Get Mental Health Care

Mental health care is a serious problem in the US and beyond. According to the National Institute on Mental Health statistics, at least 1 in every 5 American adults suffers a mental health problem. Mental health care is supposed to be available and affordable for everyone. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case […]

Top 4 Athletes Suspended for Drug and Alcohol Use

Drugs and alcohol are common products widely used and, in most cases, abused in the world. While some people take them for recreational purposes, others consume some of these products to “free their minds” from the stress of the world. One category of people however, sometimes take drugs and alcohol a completely different reason: athletes. […]

Why It’s important to Have Community Support After Treatment

Many people suffer from addiction, and then make the difficult decision to quit. Quite often, they relapse several times during the treatment process before finally cutting themselves off their addiction. To decide to quit addiction is quite a bold decision, and to go through the treatment process successfully requires even more courage and determination. Many […]

Is Addiction a Disease?

The worry of whether addiction is a disease or not has been around for quite some time; and different people have different points of view. Some people agree that addiction is indeed a disease, and others vehemently say, “No!” So is addiction a disease? Let’s look at some of the arguments the two camps sometimes […]

Researchers Find Gene to Decrease Alcoholism

Alcohol consumption continues to be on the rise around the world, and many people continue to take it abusively. Scientists have discovered that alcoholism and how heavily men and women drink, sort of depend on certain genes. They note that while some people will drink a lot and not face major consequences, others will suffer […]

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