Substance Abuse More Common In Teens Who Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Teenagers face heavy challenges dealing with the pressures of life. Not only do they have to excel in academics, they sometimes get to think of how they will raise up a family and survive in this increasingly difficult world. All these stress factors make life difficult for young people and one of the outcomes is […]

What Is Risky Substance Use?

The substance abuse problem in America doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Millions of Americans continue to suffer the effects of the heavy and excessive use of different substances. Today, there is a lot of talk around risky substance use; so much talk that we’re bound to believe that it has grave consequences […]

How Shame Affects Addiction Recovery

There are different schools of thought among researchers on the effects of shame in addiction. While some experts think that it could be used to overpower it, other researchers believe that shame could rather amplify addiction. Very recently, Neil Steinberg, author of the memoir Drunkard: A Hard Drinking Life, said on NPR’s All Things Considered […]

CDC Reports Tripled Increase In Opioid Prescriptions

Opioid prescriptions reduced continuously from 2010 to 2015 in all of America, but a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that within that time, the product became much more accessible. The report also shows that prescription remain up to three times higher what was established in 1999 when researchers […]

Mental Disorders In Childhood Could Lead To Addiction In Adulthood

Mental disorders are common in America today. Both the young and the old are increasingly being affected. Before now, mental disorders were seen as problems that affected children and stayed with them perhaps for the rest of life. A new study published in the July 2017 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of […]

How to Stay Hopeful in Recovery

Many people think that it’s easy to get treated of their addiction. Well, while this may be the case for some people, many others will not achieve full recovery just so soon. At the beginning when the patient feels optimistic after taking the courageous decision to undergo recovery, the process may seem all too easy. […]

How to Let Someone With an Addiction Know You Care

Millions of people suffer from addiction in the United States. These people need help; they need care and concern; they need to see that the people around them and the society as a whole, cares about them. When they receive such love and care, it plays a great role in helping them deal with the […]

How to Talk With Your Family About Your Addiction

Medical experts confirm that one of the primary things you need to do when dealing with an addiction is sharing it with trustworthy friends and relatives who can provide support. But talking about your addiction with your loved ones is particularly exigent. To some people, it is embarrassing while to others, it may evoke stigma. […]

Teens With Poor Body Image At Higher Risk for Drug Addiction

It has been known for a long time now that people with a poor body image suffer from low self-esteem, depression, eating disorders and many more conditions. Now, there is new evidence to show that poor body image can also lead to the consumption and even abuse of alcohol and drugs. A new study published […]

Putting Drug Offenders In Prison Doesn’t “Fix” Substance Abuse

In America, most people with substance abuse problems who are apprehended by the forces of law and order end up in prison cells. This is one issue some researchers and medical experts have decried for a long time. To them, people suffering from drug abuse need help dealing with the problem rather than punishment for […]

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